LARRY REYNOLDS - Founding Director

Larry Reynolds has served as a spiritual counselor and vessel of healing for over 30 years providing individuals with a clear evaluation of one’s relationship with his or her own Divine Origin and the dynamics which may be inhibiting healing and freedom. In his time with Grace Healing, he has been used as an instrument and witness to thousands of healings.  He joins with people in prayer to reveal the spiritual roots of whatever is impacting their ability to attain freedom and peace.  He then teaches us how to transform and release the challenges and disease we face in this life.  

Larry also helps churches, corporations, social organizations, governmental offices, health institutions, orphans throughout the world, and animals.  He believes no one is beyond receiving God’s love and that God’s Love can transform ANY circumstance into blessing.

What if we received all things without offense?
What if there was a way to receive all things in blessing? (Even the things that do not seem so blessed at first glance.)
What if we had a God so Loving that He made things simple for us?  

If we remembered we would realize that Love will always raise things up that are not of Love to be healed.  In this awareness we may find we can receive all revelation without offense and without fear.  If someone held and different belief you would no longer fear their views but allow them to share them and search your own heart to see what the moment of exposure reveals in you, not just them.  You would no longer judge, you would Love and share.  If you find that you became offended or fearful, you have been given the power to release the fear and or offense and search your heart to KNOW God in you and then release anything you feel does not align with God.  If you held no fear and a clear understanding that Love will always reveal that, which is not Love to be healed, you may find you hold power in situations you were once subject to.  Imagine if God made it so simple that He formed a process to all answers to any form of suffering in three simple steps.

FIRST: Offer thanksgiving for anything revealed… (even the not so blessed things) 
SECOND: Release that which you witness into the Love of God 
THIRD: Recognize ONE THING in that place… God  
The very breath your breathe proves that God is with you – for life cannot sustain without the presence of God near.
You are merely a Breath away from the blessings you seek. Dwell within the Breath of God, it resides IN YOU.

INA MARIE HALE - Executive Director

Ina is a minister of Love that truly lives and breathes Yah Shua in all that she does. Ina has been involved in ministry for over 20 years, on prayer teams, healing rooms, and walks in the prophetic. For over 15 years Ina has served as minister in a beautiful ministry birthed on her hands and knees, as she engages in the Washing Feet
Ministry. It is a personal calling and has blessed many. This is just one aspect of her service and is very special and personal for those Yah Shua calls her to minister and serve. Ina has been involved with Grace Healing for 10 years and is a perfect fit. Yah Shua has brought Ina into such a divine position to come along side with Larry to extend the Convent of Love and Healing of Yah Shua through Grace Healing Ministry. Working in one accord for His Glory and purposes on this earth as it is in heaven.

Ina’s words and personal experience with Grace Healing. This ministry and Larry have brought a double portion with the Rivers of Living Waters to flow!
I am very excited, humbled, and honored to share in this opportunity and to be part of this beautiful ministry. My husband, Chris and five children lovingly support me in this amazing calling, and I am truly blessed in their support.

I was divinely introduced to Grace Healing 10 years ago while living in Tucson Arizona. My husband Chris and I were prayed over by Larry and it shifted and changed our lives tremendously, especially my personal relationship and love walk with Yah Shua. Ever since that time, I have walked, served, and observed the ministry of Grace Healing and I have witnessed healings, restorations, spiritual and emotional shifts, remarkable change in corporate bodies in the businesses tied to a number of different industries, a greater awareness of His love, a greater awareness of His life giving breathe. I have realized a greater authority serving in the ground Yah Shua has called me to; all a long the way being mentored by His precious son, Larry.

In all my experience in ministry I have never seen the depth of God’s movement in all that I have experienced as I have been walking in the teachings of Larry and the love walk exampled within Grace Healing! So much more to come as I link arm and arm with Larry in Grace Healing to advance the awareness of the Kingdom God and extend His love to all that seek Him first in all things!


Holding onto negative spiritual influences and life experiences can manifest throughout your being in many ways:

• Illness
• Depression
• Obesity
• Financial Lack
• Relational Discord

You can counsel for years; but, if you do not remove the spiritual root and spiritual influence, the limiting or destructive thoughts and behaviors will return in your nature.

Larry Reynolds has served individuals and corporations for over 20 years providing them with a safe and protected environment to discover the spiritual and personal freedom they have been seeking. He has been gifted the ability to see and identify the spiritual root to suffering. Finding and releasing these spiritual roots can return you to Divine Alignment and a life filled with health, vitality, abundance and harmony.

Larry has guided thousands through Spiritual Release and in God’s Love and Grace as they walk their life journey. He teaches how to transform and release the challenges and disease we face in daily life.

He has established a simple program for people to gain an ability to reveal the healing available to everyone through God’s presence. He also provides clear instruction on how to sustain in the healed state throughout your daily life. He gives all the glory and credit to God and feels that this is a gift given to serve in Love and takes no personal credit for the miraculous things Our God has revealed through his willingness to serve.
The basic program consists of 5 sessions…



Larry and Ina have been blessed to serve thousands of people from every walk of life. They serve as vessels of Divine Grace and have witnessed many Healings. They offer prayers of Healing, teach Divine Meditations, and guide people daily through prayer and discernment. Please contact them and they would be honored to be in prayer with you.

​As you explore this web-site you will notice that we as a ministry use the name Yah Shua instead of Jesus. Why is this? The reality is that Yah Shua’s real name is Yah Shua and it was altered by man in the Greek language to eventually become Jesus. In our understanding Yah Shua’s name is formed from the ROOT of God’s name and was established before the manifestation of time. In this understanding we embraced the simple awareness that if Jesus is not His name, why not call him by His God given Name? In progressing through the offerings we present in our website, we pray you find comfort and a closer union in HIS Holy LOVE as you are exposed to His original name as it was formed by God.

We welcome you to Grace Healing Ministries.



Prayer & Release

Have you become so accustomed to lack that you’ve lost sight of what it is to receive blessing?  Or, are you living in abundance, but remain unsatisfied and continue to chase more?  This session will open you by releasing the spiritual components limiting or altering the receiving of blessing.  The foundation will be set for a new and stable spiritual ground.  People are deeply blessed in this experience and walk with a new freedom.


Life History Releases

With clarity gained from the first session, you will become more aware of the influences that have affected your thought patterns and what has not manifested as blessing in your life. This session will help you release your past patterns and triggers, both what you know and those you are unaware of, which have diminished and limited you. You will begin to see how to better position yourself for greater gains in all areas of your life.


Generational Releases

You hold many traits within you that were simply passed down from previous generations. This exchange is done on a spiritual and ethereal level, even though you are not aware it exists within you. This session goes deeper to release the spiritual influences of those whom preceded you. You will gain clarity from being freed from these influences and be empowered to learn how you can bring generational healing and blessing to you and your family line.


Instruction On Why You Are Seeing Results

At this stage, you will have begun to see tremendous returns in the process and will be seeking to know the “WHY” and “HOW”?   This session will tie together your experiences with the treatments and help you understand how to “sustain” in the blessing as your life continues to unfold in Yah Veh’s Love and presence.


The Familiar Nature & Knowing Only Divinity

Many people have encountered healing experiences and Divine intervention, yet they return to the actions and feelings of their past.  This session will equip you to recognize your familiar nature to help free you from returning to your past limiting thoughts and behaviors. It also provides a great opportunity to develop new skills which will assist you in your daily life.


Both Ina and Larry live in a continual state of “living prayer” with a constant and sacred connection to Yah Shua. If you are experiencing any physical, emotional, or spiritual discord, please submit your prayer request below. Larry and Ina will engage in prayer regarding your needs, record the blessed result of the prayer in the Book of Blessings and respond with all that God brings forth in prayer. You will be added anonymously to the prayer list for that day. Oftentimes, they may pray on your behalf immediately upon receiving your request. If you remain open to God in trust and purity, you will be aware of a shift into the blessed peaceful state as the prayers are engaged.

The Book of blessings is a Book formed by Grace Healing and its intercessors (prayer supporters). When a prayer request is submitted, we then engage in prayer to releasing the need or specifics of the request. We are then given the words of Blessings by Yah Veh to move the need or supplication into a blessed state. This new prayer is the one we record in the Book of Blessings: The prayer is spoken “IT IS DONE” upon the Earth. Now all is in the blessed state. We stand in agreement with the words of blessing as we release any words of suffering or words outside of Yah Veh’s blessing.

We provide regular weekly offerings that discuss the Grace of God as it manifests in our daily life and help people rediscover God’s gifts in the midst of our busy schedules.  Larry and Ina have been blessed to serve thousands of people from every walk of life. They serve as vessels of Divine Grace and have witnessed many Healings. They offer prayers of Healing, teach Divine Meditations, and guide people daily through prayer and discernment. Please contact them and they would be honored to be in prayer with you.


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"Be blessed as you read and listen to these testimonials"

Unity With Our Creator

I am fortunate to have met a wonderful man by the name of Larry Reynolds, founder of Grace Healing, a couple of summers ago.  It was through a work connection that we had the blessed opportunity to meet.  There have been so many amazing transformations that I have experienced myself and witnessed in others  physically, emotionally, and spiritually because of Grace Healing and Larry Reynolds.  

The most profound thing that has happened for me  is the relationship I have developed with my higher power.  This power goes by many names and I don’t believe that it matters what we call it, just that we DO call it.  

I used to believe that a strong relationship with Creator was reserved for a few special, very “Religious” people, but not for me.  I used to think that God was a judgmental entity who kept watch over his kingdom to keep score of what was happening….who was naughty and who was nice.  The reason for the score-keeping was to pass judgment and punishment on those that broke the rules.  I have to admit that I didn’t want to have a relationship with that kind of power!

Whew, what a relief to be done with that kind of thinking!  I now have a daily, hourly, moment to moment, second to second connection with the source of everything good…..complete love, joy, peace, abundance, health….This is my birthright and everyone else’s as well.  In every moment, I can (and do) speak to the ultimate Creator and I am granted insight, guidance and blessings on everything I do.

I now know that I am never alone!  I know that there is nothing to fear.  I know that I am a part of the universal energy, and so is everyone else.  I know that there is only one mind. My mind is part of God’s mind; therefore, when I speak my word, God acts upon my word without hesitation.  I now know that I am loved unconditionally and can activate that love to work through me to extend out to everyone I know and meet.

Life is now joyful, peaceful and purposeful.  I thank Larry, Jill and everyone from Grace who works so hard to bring these lessons to others.  I know that Larry was put onto my path so I could learn these most valuable lessons and so I could do my part in teaching them to others.

With Thanksgiving,

Peg Lucci

A Witness To God’s Light

For Years I struggled with the idea of joining an organized religion.  I wrestled with not understanding why I could not conform.  Although I loved God and I was able to see Him in most things, I just could not settle down and worship in any one place.  February 2005, I met Larry Reynolds during a three-way telephone call with Karen Mahlia.  Karen was excited for me to share in the wonderful things happening in her life because of Larry’s praying with her.  I agreed to speak with him.

The day he called, I listened as Larry prayed.  I was drawn into a quiet state of Love: God’s Love.  In that moment, clarity as to my purpose with God existed.  How I was to bring it to fruition would follow.  Larry prayed the Lord’s prayer with me.  He prayed the original translation from Aramaic.  One line stayed in my heart, “Untie the knots of Failure binding us, as we release the strands we hold of others faults.”  This Aramaic translation of the Lord’s Prayer opened my hardened heart.

I had not realized until that moment how many hostages I had taken.  The people I had not truly forgiven; those living in my personal jail with me as I stood outside judging them.  In that space, God filled my heart with a brilliant understanding, a way of creating a view of interconnectedness to all.  More importantly, how this daily dose of forgiveness would help me clear my own physical body as well as my spiritual body.  Instantly, I understood.  I believed.  This awareness would free my mind to see where God wanted to use me.

I now see how we will heal all things when we see this integration as God designed it.  I can trust my heart and soul.  Each day I wake and know that I live protected and loved.  Grace Healing offers me a way to reach out to others and share.  I have come to see that we operate under two emotions.  For me they are Love and Fear.  I see them as umbrellas for all the other emotions.  I will stay protected under the umbrella of Love and I know that God would want only that.  God will use me to share my umbrella with others.  This I will do in prayer for you, for me and for all.  Grace Healing is a place I can trust my heart and soul.  Each day I wake and know that I stay protected.

I continue to learn how to Love, as God would have me Love.  How effortless my walk with God has become.  I am truly blessed.


Kathie Ciavolella

Healing of My Cat

After praying with my son for God to lead us to find “just the perfect male, orange, short-haired tabby kitten,” we visited my parents on a farm in Kansas last winter, expecting to go to an animal shelter when we returned.  It was a cold and rainy day on the farm, and when my brother moved a large, round bale of hay with a fork lift, we found a nest of FOUR of the cutest baby kittens, with their eyes barely open, looking up at us with innocence, fear, and wonder.  I couldn’t believe when I found that they were ALL male, orange, short-haired tabbies!  I remembered praying for one, and here there were FOUR!  (Note:  Be careful what you ask God for!!)

I knew their fate would be freezing cold and hunger should they survive the harsh Kansas winter at all.  Their mother was wild, and my parents had a new dog that would most likely have terrorized and killed them.  I felt I had no choice but to fly them back to Phoenix with us, in a little pet carrier.  I planned to give all but one away after they were weaned.  However….they immediately won my heart, and finally, I realize I’d been “had”!  As I watched them grow, I developed very deep attachments to each one.

“Starr” (with a white star on his forehead) turned out to be the “baby” of the bunch, and always experimenting with new things,  was absolutely fearless.  Suddenly one day he became very ill, and couldn’t keep any food down.  By the third day, he couldn’t even keep a couple drops of water down, and being very dehydrated, could only throw up small amounts of blood.  He was groaning, lying down and in obvious pain.  I knew he was dying.  The vet was mystified.  In desperation and tears, I called Larry Reynolds, who immediately prayed, thanking God that Starr “was the perfect manifestation of our Savior’s Love” and prayed in a most beautiful heavenly dialogue, a healing prayer. 

An unbelievable thing happened……Before the end of the prayer, Starr’s entire disposition changed.  Instead of groaning and lying motionless, he stretched and yawned!  Then he proceeded to get up and tried to go to the litter box (something that he couldn’t do for 3 days.)  He then ate, and although he threw up 3 times after that, he was totally different— becoming mobile and interactive.  I later learned he had swallowed an object, which had become stuck in his intestines.  During Larry’s prayer, it was instantly dislodged, after having been obstructed for three days, causing him terrible suffering.  It later passed, and my little Starr made a full recovery!

I witnessed this miraculous, instant change with my own eyes!  I now have my “baby” back, and praise the Lord for what He did, through Larry.

With gratitude,

Yvonne Wedel

Physical Healing

Great News:  A while back we prayed for a friend in the hospital with a serious lung condition.  You counseled me then through the process of praying with her to separate high judgment and deep sorrow from her body and to place it into Yah Veh’s Divine embrace. 

Within a month’s time, the original diagnosis of a serious lung disease (requiring steroids and chemo pills)  is now “inactive” in her body according to the doctor.  It has truly been a miraculous turn around and Lord we give You thanks and all the glory!!

I also would like to take a moment to say “thank you” to both of you and to Grace Healing for taking the time to share the Truth and help others. Your loving kindness and compassion is truly a reflection of His love.  Thank you and May God Bless you abundantly.  

In Christ,

Gwen Hucko


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